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R12RT Thermometer


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I've got a twist on the themometer accuracy thing. Hope someone out there can help.


Last week my dealer did a software update to correct the battery drain problem some bikes (not mine) have been having. They also rerouted the ABS wiring and replaced one of the brake system bolts (banjo bolt?).


Prior to this work, my thermometer had always been right on. Now it reads 10-12 degrees F too high. All signs seem to point to the software update.


The dealer says there's a fix for thermometers that read too low, but not for those reading too high. They're going to call BMW for suggestions.


Has anyone else had this experience? If so, how was it corrected (if it was corrected)?



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Gordon K Phillips

I have had the exact same experience. The dealer plans to relocate the temp sensor to the front from under the rear fender and then I am told the temp gauge should read accurately. I am soon due for the 12,000 mile service, they will do the relocation at that time. Good Luck. dopeslap.gif

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The temp figure also varies with the charge and state of the battery, so don't get too excited with where they position the sensor or what they do with the software. There are loads of threads on this subject.

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Your ZFE control unit was flashed with updated software that included, among other things, a change for the temperature sensor. The fix is not complete until the temperature sensor is relocated to the front, right side fairing.

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Yep, I agree. Mine was always 6 degrees centigrade too low. Then I had the software update and it read about 6 degrees too high. Then I had the sensor moved to the front and it isn't too bad now maybe a couple too high, that's all.

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