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2000 R1100R


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Hi , This is my first post,been riding for about 35 years.I just bought this bike and have some questions about it.

1 The seat after about 30-45 minutes just plain makes my butt hurt,any remedies for this or am I just getting too old?Im 6 ft tall and 205 lbs.This is the most serious of the four faults with the bike.

2 The transmission is very clunky ,makes lots of noises when changing gears,the bike has 9500 miles on it.I can live with this if no alternative.

3 Another annoying problem is the constant surging in the lower gears,I did change to Autolite plugs and this has helped alot.

4 The motor sounds like a washing machine,strickly industrial sounding,I can also just use ear plugs for this.

Sorry for all the negatives,everything else is great,beautiful to look at,etc.The seat is the worst thing though.Ive had about 30 bikes over the years including a 74 R-60,80 R100RT,83 R-65 and a 85 K100RS.Someone please help me with the seat PLEASE!I have ridden it about 300 miles this week and didnt even bother today as I cant hardly sit on a couch much less that German torture seat.Thanks and please forgive the whinning.

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The seat has three adjustments, take off the seat and youll see a hex tool (allen key) in the seat pan, the part the seat "nestles" into adjusts up or down. I have mine set on the middle setting. Ridden 220 miles straight and its not great but not too shabby, I'm 6ft 180lbs. I just took the route of getting a new seat so thats another option. My tranny also is a clunker, but from what I've heard its fairly normal. I have 19,600 miles on mine. Good luck and have fun with the bike!

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My tranny seemed to quiet down after changing the oil and putting in BMW full synthetic gear oil.


Can't help with the seat, I rode for many hours and no problems other than to have to stop and stretch.

Could be a padding issue, try drinking more beer! smirk.gif

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I agree the stock seats can be torture. 1)The cheapest remedy is an Alaskan sheepskin cover. Next, is an Airhawk air pad. It's a medical-grade rubber air pad- you add or subtract air through a valve. It goes inside a cover with 2 straps that wrap under and over your seat. I've got one and like it- $160. Last, is the custome seats like Sergeant, the Russell day-long saddle (heard that is the best) etc. which are expensive, but a good investment if you are keeping bike.

2)Put a synthetic tranny oil in your trans. I use Redline Heavy Shockproof gear oil 75W-250 weight. It's like red molasses- some of us use it to try to tame that tractor gearbox. Others use BMW syn. tranny lube, some other fluid brands such as Mobil, Amsoil, etc. - if you do search on this site for tranny lube, you can see what viscosities the other syn. tranny fluids are, I forget.

You have to "preload the shifter" especially in 1st and 2nd. You apply upward pressure on the shifter with your boot while awaiting for the right rpm and then quickly "fan" the clutch and snick it in gear. There have been quite a few posts on that. Do search on "preload + shifting".

3)My Rt doesn't really surge much- others do. I think some guys have started out from a baseline with new plugs, valve adjustment, throttle body synch, new throttle cables if you need them, etc. and then they do something with the CCP (Cat Code Plug) while others install some sort of Techlusion device that reportedly helps.

4)Can some of you folks who have had luck with the CCP mod. and installing a techlusion device give some tips, perhaps?

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