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New Alarm key fob


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I had to get a new alarm key fob but can't get it to synchronize with my alarm. I have followed the directions for both after battery replacement and pressing the button 256 times out of range but neither works.


It's the factory alarm on an '05 R1150RT.


Thanks for any help you can offer,

James confused.gif

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You might want to check how many remotes are registered with the system,




It doesn't fully explain how it gets to BE registered, you might have to check with the dealer.

On another note, can you be sure that the battery for the new remote is new as well? Swap it out for a new one and try again ?? confused.gif

BTW this is for an '03 model.


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Thank You, the system has 1 remote (the old one that got lost frown.gif) and 2 inductive keys registered. That is the way the bike came. I am pretty confident the battery is good in the remote because the light is good and strong.


I am trying to find directions on how to "register" the new remote on the system so it recognises it without having to pay the dealer to do it. The owners manually just says take it to dealer, but I know I read somewhere ages ago how to do it. It is a matter of grounding the program wire under the back seat, disarming the system, and turning the key on/off, in the right sequence. If done wrong the system has nothing registered and can not be disarmed and has to be replaced.

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You got me thinking. How about something like this?






Chuck us yer email and I can send the whole thing.



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