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R1100R LED Tail/Stoplight


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I added one of those neat BMW LED flashing stoplights/license plate racks to my R1100R. Everytime I wash the bike the light comes on and won't go off. I re-sealed the unit-Didn't help. I have blow dried it with heat, blasted it with air and it still stays on until I unplug it and wait overnight. Has anyone else had a similar problem with one of these units?

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double check the switch at the front brake lever. The spring on mine had weakened and was intermittent in turning the brake off. Easy to fix with some needle nose pliers.

Good Luck,


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Thanks, but I don't think that is the problem because the regular taillight works just fine. This light is an additional taillight.

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Hi Paul, welcome to the neighborhood wave.gifgrin.gif


LEDs need very little power to operate.



To me it sounds like water causing voltage to bleed past a brake switch or pass from a constant hot wire to the brake light wire.


Do you have access to an air source(compressor, yard blower, shop vac configured to blow)?


After wetting down the bike, blow off both brake switches & check all associated wiring for breaks/chafes.



Of course if for some reason there is a constant hot wire(s) leading to this device then it may be defective(not water proof) & should be returned to the point of purchase.

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