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Kuberplex on front wheel axle?


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Getting ready to do my first tire change on my RS. The Clymer manual specifies that I should use BMW Kuberplex grease when reinstalling the front axle. Last time I ordered parts I tried to get some of this from Bob's BMW, but they didn't have any. The parts guy said to just use anti-sieze.


In the past I've used anti-sieze on axles on other bikes with mixed results (difficult to remove the axle a year later) so have tended to go back to my own stand-by: el-cheapo Pennzoil red bearing grease.


I realized different greases don't mix well. So, if I thoroughly clean the axle of old grease before reinstallatiohn, can I use my red grease on this bike's axle?


Or will the bike self-destruct if it doesn't have BMW grease? smile.gif

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Yes, if you don't use BMW grease the bike will self-destruct, your hair will fall out, and gas prices will go up. Like, look at my bike, 148K miles of using wheel bearing grease on the front axle and it's self-destructing.

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Any old wheel axle grease will work fine. As you mentioned, it's only real purpose is to facilitate easier disassembly the next time.

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