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how to power electrical accesories: touratech vs. electricalconnection?


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I have an electrical connection power plate on my Tiger and want something similar for my R1200RT. Not sure if there's any potential problem with the CAN bus or not. Touratech has a similar part - TPS 15 CAN bus output helper - that is supposed to work with CAN bus but I would have to mail order it (the picture is pretty bad, but it looks smaller - can't tell anything about quality though from the pic). My local parts place has the electrical connection part part in stock so I can pick one up when I get my new tires installed.


Can anyone tell me if the electrical connection part will work or if one is better than the other? The Touratech part is only good for 15 amps but at least for now I only need power for aux. driving lights (PIAA 1200's) and my GPS (maybe something else in the future - another power outlet for cell phone or something similar).


electrical connection power plate



touratech TPS 15 CAN Bus



Thanks in advance for your help/opinions.


Bill Bornman

2005 R1200RT

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I had the Electrical Connection product on my RT and now have the Touratech product on my ST. They function in the same manner, and I cannot see any reason why the Electrical Connection product would work any differently--you're simply controlling a relay via a connection to a switched circuit (most likely the auxiliary power outlet). I'd go with the EC product, which I think is probably better than the one from Touratech, and less expensive.

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I have had the electrical connection power plate on my R12RT for nine months now and it works just fine.

I power GPS, V1, CB radio, and a video camera with it.

It is hooked directly to the battery and switched by the rear aux powerlet wire.


pm me at cranezilla@yahoo.com and I can send you pictures of the installation.

I have the "battery charge" circuit to an additional powerlet to have power available when the ignition is off for air compressor, air mattress pump and battery tender connection.

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thanks for the responses - I'm going to pick up one of the ec power plates today.


cranezilla - thanks for the pic offer and I sent you an email.

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