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My 96 R1100RS I need experienced remarks :)


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I sold my Harley Road King.

I love the way the R1100RS handles, just amazing.

I have 38K, and all seems normal after riding about 200 miles.

I do have several questions if you guys can tolerate smile.gif

Thanks in advance for your help:)


1. I am 6'4" and 260 42" waist (I know, chunky). I have the seat adjusted. I did practice the "Yoda thing, and this added about another hour or so, I'm up to about 1.5 hour before my rear, no matter how I adjust, is really hurting.

2. When I start her up, I sometimeshear the starter spinning down after start up.

3. Sometimes it seems to idle low on startup, and stalls if I don't rev it some. I need to sometimes start 2 or three times.

4. On startup, I hear a few knocks from the engine that I can fairly assume goes away after about 3 revolutions (oil psi?). This concerns me. It goes away.

5. After startup it seems great, if not a little "tractor" like in it idle feel (is this the reference I read about it's "industrial" likeness?) It's a little lopey like my old Harley. Realy smooth power after about 3400.

6. The radio option is awesome below 45mph, great when touring by the Mississippi riverfronts in theory (I know, I've read the mixed reviews), but the a. distance of reception seems really weak, and b. I think I need to replace the speakers. I want to integrate my MYFI radion. Sugesstions?

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Hi. Like you I've just sold a RKC and replaced it with a R1100RT.


I'm still learning but I think I can answer question No 4. I suspect the knocking will come from the left cylinder. It is caused by the cam chain tensioner on this side draining its oil while stood. On start up it takes a few seconds to refill with oil and take up the slack in the chain. They all do it but you can buy parts to modify this if it bugs you too much.


Try using the search facility for your other questions. I've already answered a load of my own concerns by doing this. There is a wealth of info in the search facility.


Good luck.



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I have a '95 R1100RS. Here are my thoughts to your topics:


1)Get a custom seat. I have a corbin which works fine. Others have different recommendations. All will be better than stock.


2)The Starter needs to be cleaned. Easy to do. Do search and you will find the procedures on how to do this.


3)You may need to adjust the Fast Idle/choke cable.


4)They all do that. Don't worry about it.


5)A good tune up with TB synch is important for these bikes.


6)Sorry don't have a radio.

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4. On startup, I hear a few knocks from the engine that I can fairly assume goes away after about 3 revolutions (oil psi?). This concerns me. It goes away.


Re question 4 (I know they all do that but its a BMW)


Hi i have just done the cam mod its very very easy to do i got my parts from southport BMW UK walkthrough below




hope it helps




another usefull link http://advwisdom.hogranch.com/Wisdom/

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Bjarne Aanning

For your rear. I'm about six-two and 200 and love the Airhawk seat. It made driving a 12 hour day like nothing at all.

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