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Clutch Movement on Spines

Mike T

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I removed my starter motor to inspect the clutch thickness. When I pulled in the clutch handle the clutch/pressure plate bearly moved (maybe 1 to 2 mm). My clutch cable has 7mm of free play in per spec but the clutch does not engage until the handle is almost fully released. Bike is a '95 R1100RS with 19K on it. Can I assume that if the clutch has 7mm of free play on the cable that it is adjusted correctly? Is the 1 to 2mm movement on the spines normal?

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That is about right. The clutch disk really doesn't have to move very far at all to disengage from the pressure plate/flywheel. The thing that does most of the moving is, in fact, the pressure plate and that is not splined.

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0.030-0.040" is about all the movement you will see. The friction disc doesn't really move much at all. I would up the clearance at the lever to about 9mm or .35" If you pay attention at high RPM's, the clearance 'decreases' and you do NOT want the throwout piston constantly spinning.



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