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Clock on 1150 GS resets itself every time ignition is shut off


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I just picked up a 2001 R1150GS with a gel battery recently

installed. Every time I turn the ignition on the bike's clock "zeros out". As long as the ignition is on, the clock functions from that zero (clicks down mins). When I

shut off the ignition, it goes again to zero.


Any ideas what could be causing this?


Thanks for the help!



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Had someting similar with my '03 RT, and it was due to a fuse. Not a blown fuse, but one with too low a value. The Owner's Manual said one thing, the service cd another. Check the fuse ratings in both sources to see if there's a discrepancy.

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It hasn't happened to me but I've read on this site many times about this. Your battery is weak or dying. It may just need a good charge which you must do with a charger made for gell cells or you may just have to replace it. If you do replace it, don't get another gell, do a search here for Panasonic LC-X1220P or Odyssey PC 680. Either of these is a giant step better than standard wet cell or gell cell batteries.

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Are your accessory outlets completely dead with the key off or is there some voltage? If there is some (low) voltage then it’s probably the battery. If they are completely dead, and the bike starts OK then it probably a fuse, maybe #5.

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The clock gets power from two sources, one to turn on the display, the other is the "keep alive" voltage. As mentioned, a blow fuse (I think it is F4) is a possibility for why it is loosing it's keep alive.


Another possibility is a week battery causing a low voltage during cranking, cause the clock to reset.


The key is, does the clock reset when the key is just turned on and off, or only when the bike is actually cranked over? If the former, it is likely a fuse (or other reason the keep alive voltage is being lost to the clock), if the latter (zeros when the engine is being cranked over) I would suspect a low battery.

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Thanks all for the responses. Clock resets when the ignition is turned on/off. I took the cover off the fuse

box and peered in. Curious. All fuses have been replaced

with 4A fuses except fuse #3 which for RID and power sockets. That is 15A and blown. Someone has replaced the Motronic fuse, horn fuse and fuel pump fuse with 4A fuses???. The RID fuse is 15A and blown.


I will replace the RID/power sockets with spec 15A. Dealer who installed lights and auxillary socket for passenger

might have done this, but I can't figure out why.


As a practical matter, they appear to work, but wonder if I should go back to stock configuration on fusing.


Thanks again for your help!



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