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RAM Mount Paranoia


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I recently converted from an RT to a GS. On the RT, I had the very stable Gadget Guy mount for my GPS, which I trusted implicitly. Now with the GS, there weren't many choices for mounting the GPS, so I went with a RAM mount and mounted it from the silver bar above the instrument panel that is primarily used for the windscreen.


My question is whether or not I should be paranoid about the RAM mount itself. It just seems a little unstable with the ball joints, arm, etc., and tightening that "wingnut" on the arm just doesn't inspire confidence that my GPS isn't going to bounce down the highway. Can you overtighten that thing and strip it? I didn't exactly over-torque it, but yet, I tightened it up until it was nice and snug.


So is my paranoia justified? Should I be getting a tether of some kind? Or am I simply just paranoid beyond belief and should just ride, learning to stop worrying and love the bomb, er, RAM mount? grin.gif

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The RAM mount is pretty darn secure. They do recommend you tether any electronics, but I think it's overkill.


I've got a RAM mount for my GPS mounted to the dash of my Unimog. Unless you're doing some really hardcore dirt riding, you're not likely to match the vibration and all-axis shaking that it gets put through there. It's never once come anywhere close to loose. (The Garmin mount, on the other hand, didn't hold onto it worth a damn, which is what prompted me to buy the RAM.)


I've also used the RAM mount successfully on my quad, and previously on my XT550 (Dual Sport) and JetSki. (Neither of which I have any longer, else they'd still have the mounts.)


Hope this helps ease your mind!


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I've made two trips to Copper Canyon including two decents per trip with no problems at all. I've also done some pretty tough dirt roads in Az. with no problem. I think the're pretty secure also.

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I've been on quite a bit of dirt lately and my RAM mount is as secure as anything else attached to the bike, ride on. clap.gif

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I second what Greg has to say about the Ram. the decision to tether or not is up to you. but I have ram on my Yamaha ATV, my dirt bike and RT. I move gps unit between all of those machines and never had a problem with the ram coming loose. I do not tether as my own personal decision.


just some info from my own personal experiences.



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I've never had any problem with RAM mounts--they're engineered to hold devices far heavier than a GPS and remain fixed in place without further need to tighten them, once you've got the wing nut snugged down. I don't think you can go wrong with an added tether, though.

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Thanks everyone for the assurance. I'll ride with less trepidation going on the experiences in this thread.


A Unimog, eh? Interesting... cool.gif

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What they all said. We done 10s of 1000s of miles on various bikes with various things mounted on R.A.M. mounts = no issues.

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