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Garmin StreetPilot 2610 quandry...


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O.K. brothers of the GPS...my curiosity and my RT got the best of me so I'm "evaluating" a Garmin 2610 GPS unit but I'ma feared I been duped...or not.


I'm going thru the Find menu and the owners manual sez and I quote, "Touch the Addresses or Intersections icon from the Find menu"...

well, there is no such icon...man, if I can't find an address with this gizmo I'm sending it back...


Loaded is City Navigator North America v.7 that came with this 2610 from Garmin.


I'm inside the office fiddlin' wiith it Use Indoors mode going...maybe that's it?


I know some of you guys are all about these GPSeses...so give it up!


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I don't know a whole lot but had a problem similar to yours (some icons not appearing) and in my case it was because I had not installed the software on my computer, hooked 2610 to the computer and downloaded map and data from computer to 2610.


maybe that will help you some?

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Make sure the CompactFlash card is seated securely in its slot. If it can't find its point of interest database, that could cause the problem.

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Jerry Johnston

Geez you're almost there, just touch the up arrow on the right and you'll see the top row is Recent Finds, Cities, Addresses, and Intersections

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I don't have my Garmin handy to verify, but don't you need to press and hold the button to get to the "FIND" menu?

Just pressing the button brings up the "RECENT" menu.

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You're at the right screen. I don't think the "use indoors" option would be a problem. However, have you had it outside yet, to allow it to acquire satellites?


If not, I'd give that a try. Just know that it can take a long time for it to acquire the satellite the first time you try.


If that or the aforementioned jiggling of the memory card don't do it, I'm out of ideas. confused.gif

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