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partially or fully integral ABS?


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Hi, good fellows.

I went to a BMW dealer to test-ride a used 2004 yr R1200C-independent, today.

Prior to my testriding,the mechanic told me that that one was equipped with a fully integral ABS. But I felt that the braking power was less than I expected( I own a 2002 LT with a fully integral ABS) when I pushed the brake pedal.

What I could say at that time was that braking power from the pedal was just as strong as that of 2000 R1200C classic(preowned) without intefral ABS.

As soon as I complained of this point, he said."Oh! IT's not a fully but a partially integral ABS that this cruiser is equipped with. That's why you felt the braking power fron the pedal was not as strong as that of your LT.".

IF he is right, I can understand why I felt so, and I'll buy that one in a few days.

Is rear brake of R1200C independent equipped with a partially or fully integral ABS?

Please help me.

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I have never heard of the Independant model but I pay very little attention to cruisers. I think they may have partially integrated ABS ala the GS. Front brake application activated both front and rear brakes, rear brake gives only the rear. That is, IMHO, the best way to do this to begin with.

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Paul Mihalka

There were several sub-models of the R1200C cruiser, "Independent" is one of them. The R1200C that went to integrated power brakes had the fully integrated system. More information at www.chromeheads.org .

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I have never heard of the Independant model but I pay very little attention to cruisers.
And I'd pay even less attention to the salesman (sorry Paul blush.gif) The difference betweeen a 'fully' or 'partially' linked braking system (however one might want to define those terms) might affect one's perception of braking power somewhat but there are no doubt many other differences between the braking systems on these two bikes that probably matter more.
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The Independant, also called the Liberty in some countries, is a solo seat model. No buddy seat or backrest fold down in stock form.

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