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To Gunnison and beyond

Paul Mihalka

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Paul Mihalka

Well, here is a bit of a tale of my little two week ride to meet many of you at the Gunnison UNrally and keep on riding from there.

Day 1, Sunday 6/18: Easy ride from near Baltimore to Evansville IN. Mostly Interstates, with a bit of backroads in WV. I68/I79/I64 I like much more than just hopping on I70. Less traffic and better views.

Day 2: I64 to St. Louis MO and then Rt.94 to Jefferson City MO. This is a very nice road. Wineries, twisties, hills. Nice stopover is Hermann MO, a real original little German town. Rt.50 to Kansas City, than I35/Rt56 to McPherson KS. Except for short connecting pieces, all two-lanes. They are as fast as Interstates, no traffic, no buffeting from 18-wheelers, no flashing blue lights (no guaranty).

Day 3 to Gunnison. Well, you have to cross Kansas.


You may see some intersting signs. Somehow Richard (Benicia_rt_gt) with the steel balls came to my mind.


Around 4pm in Gunnison, rode by the Holiday Inn blowing my horn. On to find my little motel. Good little place, Island Acres Motel. Small room but clean and everything works. Real upgrade from camping/KOA cabin for $39.Back to Holiday In to register for the UN. Tasker/KenH and team did a fantastic job. This does not deserve the UN title anymore. Visit with the KOA campers, Dinner in town with a pack of old and new friends.

Next day, a circle ride through Monarch pass, up toward Independence Pass,



where the obligatory picture was taken, me and the bike.


Jamie already stole and showed this picture, here it is again. Rode around to Aspen and on to Redstone, meeting with another group of some of you for a great lunch. Thank you Dick (RDFrantz/Master Yoga) for Unorganizing this! Back to Gunnison and the great group dinner - Too many friends/too little time.

Following day I made a loop South to Durango and around Wolf Creek pass. Another beauty! Stopped in Creede for lunch and met Steve (Dances with Wieners) and Russell (Ittech). Evening the second group dinner. Great dinner, too little time!

Day 6, time to leave Gunnison frown.gif . Target Torrey, invitation from Bob (Killer) to spend the night there. Ride up Rt.141, stopped at the Gateway Canyon Resort, checked their car museum. Nothing I haven't seen before, but nice stop. At a pull-off of the road I found this old camper van with this bikes attached.



According to Fernando, who knows these bikes to the smallest details, it is a 197x Maico that would made a great vintage racer. From the picture he could tell what was stock and what not on the bike! There nobody with the rig, but it did not seem abandoned. There was air in all the van tires! Rt.141 is spectacular!


On to Torrey, around 107 on I70 around Grand Junction. In Torrey a mini post-UNrally, good to see/chat with everybody present (yes, I'm terrible in listing names frown.gif ). Bob, thanks for the hospitality!

Day 7: From Torrey North through famous Sweeper Madness, around Salt Lake City, to Twin Falls ID for the night. Good riding day.

Day 8: To Missoula MT, via Sun Valley and Rt.93, beautiful roads.

Day 9: The day to cross Glacier National Park! That is a beauty! My pictures can't compete with MikeRC and others, but here are some:




Rode into Waterton National Park in Canada, continuation of Glacier. Border crossing was one minute with a very friendly lady border guard. Stopped for the night in Pincher Creek AB.

Day 10: Canadian Rockies, Iceland Parkway to Jasper! South of Banff I rode through the Kananaskis mountain range, which I missed two years ago because of rain storms. Now it was perfect! The ride from Banff to Jasper has to be done by everybody at least once (I've done it a few times)! Some pictures, again not the usual superb BMWST quality:




In Jasper I had the only minor mishaps of the whole trip. Stopped at a very nice Lake resort, but the parking was steep uphill and in a still steep u-turn I had to stop. Bike and I fall over. Nothing on me, Bike with a few scratches and a broken right rider footpeg! Well, with the Resort handy-man (nice guy) we made a custom footpeg. No prblem all the way home.

Day 11: Time to start home. Stop for the night in Saskatoon.

Day 12: Rode into Manitoba and then South via Brandon into North Dakota. Again, no hassle at the border - I carry my passport. In ND I stop for the night in Devil's Lake on Rt.2. Lots of lakes, packed with sport fishermen with boat that could fill a boat show. I stopped again a a little motel, nice, clean, packed with fishermen, families, and their boats, $31 incl. tax!

Day 13: Target Minneapolis. Rt.2 is another one of the great Interstate alternatives. Four-lane, no traffic, speed limit 70. On to Grand Forks ND and then Interstates to Twin Cities. In Minneapolis I visited "Betty's Bikes and Buns", the motorcycle coffee shop of Tommy Roe. Fun place! At B,B&B Jeff and Barb Reiswig came and picked me up to spend the night with them. Thanks!

Day 14: From Twin Cities I followed the Missisipi river south on very nice roads staying close to the water. Nice ride. From Moline IL I picked up I74 East to spend the night in Champaign IL.

Day 15: I74/I70 to Zanesville OH and then South on Rt.6 to Marietta OH for the night. Rt.6 is nice and easy. It is very close to (in)famous Rt.555, well known as a special twisty up/down road. I wasn't in the mood for that. Marietta is anice small historic town. Pretty, conserved, good restaurants!

Da 16: Go home! From Marietta I took all the nice twisty backroads I know through West Virginia/Virginia, home at 3pm! Made it!

It was a ride! No problems, no hassles, all according to plan. You may notice I have not mentioned rain. I had ten minutes on the first day and one hour on the last day. In the meantime at home the had a deluge!

Bike run absolutely perfect! Used almost one Quart of oil in 8000 miles smile.gif Hope to see you all the next time!

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Hi Paul,


Got to Betty's Bikes & Buns just after you, but I flopped at Tom's. What a great guy and what an amazing shop. On the outside it's rather unassuming, but hang out for a bit and the character of the place and those that go there comes out. I'd encourage anyone even remotely near the shop to make it a stop.


Thanks Tom! & glad to have seen you again at the Un Paul wave.gif




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Hey Paul


Great job thumbsup.gif


Maybe your experiences at the border will convince Killer to cross when we get there in a couple weeks....


Did ya go into Waterton and see the Prince of Wales???..

Louise(Mrs Whip) loves that Hotel clap.gif


Enjoyed meetin ya...see ya soon wave.gif



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Well done, Paul!


Sorry I missed you in Gunnison except for a quick "Hello!" at dinner Thursday.


I think your photography deserves more credit! You're an old dog who has learned a new trick! wink.gif

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Nice tale and pictures Paul, wish you could have spent a bit more time in Torrey, I would have liked to shown you the back country, please come again. I'll try not to have 8 other guests next time!


Whip, make sure I take my passport if you want me to go into Canada, I'm still reluctant.

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What a wonderful way to spend 2+ weeks! Now do you have to take Mrs. Old Fart on her prerequisite vacation of choice? wink.gif


I have an idea: Maybe we could combine the genius of David, Ken, Russell and a small collection from the members here and mount a video camera on Paul's bike. As he verbally glosses over the twisties and the canyons, etc. I kept thinking how much I, for one, would love to watch the master at work.

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Outstanding, Paul! Nice ride report, I need to do mine tongue.gif. We rode kinda the reverse route of yours. Last Summer I rode the Canadian Rockies with my son, that was fantastic.


I'm ready to go again, it's kind of a sickness.



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Paul Mihalka
Now do you have to take Mrs. Old Fart on her prerequisite vacation of choice? wink.gif
YES! You'll read about it in a couple of month grin.gif
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Awesome, Paul! Sounds like a really fun trip. I haven't been up to Glacier National Park in a long time, and I would really like to get back up that way.


Sorry we didn't get to spend more time together at the Un. Except for this one picture I snapped of you (as we were on our way to get hugs from each other!), I don't think I saw you again! frown.gif




Glad you had a great trip! I'm jealous! cool.gif


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Great ride report... that looks like a lot of riding ! Some wonderful pictures in there... thanks for taking us along Paul. thumbsup.gif

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Nice to see you again in Gunnison, Paul. Glad the weather cooperated for your trip up north this time. And remember, I'm lucky enough to do some of those trips a few times a year so I can wait for perfect weather for the pics.


Did you recognize me on CO 141 between Gateway and Whitewater when you were headed north? I had taken off early from Gunny to get morning pictures at Colorado National Monument, and was headed south for Telluride/Cortez. I recognized your bike right away and thought "Hmmm, he must be headed for Torrey".


You gotta give me some recommendations for roads in Virginia if I get back there, my brief ride through was very impressive.


Mike Cassidy

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Great picture of Paul, Lisa. I took the liberty of bagging a copy of it for myself.


Paul, we're glad to hear you're home safe - and missed all the rain - after a good trip. It was good seeing you again. We managed to visit a little, and figured we'd catch you again later or in Torrey, but it didn't work out that way. frown.gif


Regards and continued jó utazást.


Peter and Jane

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