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Someone needs to tell the deer


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they are not active during the day or the heat..I managed to take my front wheel off today, have a new tire put on and install it back on the RT. To see if it will roll I suit up, and go for a test run.. Check the brakes..They stop..That's good. .. Head down the farm to market about 60 m.p.h. around a fairly long curve and halfway through the curve a big doe darts across in front of me from left to right..I apply brakes and see another doe already on my right as I go by. It's 5:30 p.m. and the high here today is 105 F. My computer reads 95 and it's usually 6 degrees too low so safe to say it is about 100 degrees. I go another 20 miles and wheel is still rolling..Nothing has fallen off..That's good..Head home and guess what..Big buck and doe appear just on my right but do not cross. These guys must be tough..They don't even sweat.. Make it home with everything still on the bike and without collision. A little surprised that the tightening torques are as low as they are..Without my torque wrenches I would have every fastener much tighter..Do you guys really only tighten the brake calipers to 30 NM? confused.gif

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Do you guys really only tighten the brake calipers to 30 NM? confused.gif
I tighten to the values listed in my Haynes manual. If it says 30, then 30 it is. Be careful about over-tightening as things tend to strip or break off that way...
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Wait till you do final drive bearings. I think the Spec is something like 6ft lbs. Allwase follow the torque spec. Scary as it can be!



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During High School and 1st year of College I worked part time in the auto center of a department store. The manager would tell us to quit tightening "just before it breaks".

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