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Rt. 66 takes me to Winslow


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Not much of interest on Day 14, but I did capture some nice moments on video.


Sorry for the poor quality on some of the pics. The stick in digital camera was full and I had to use the still function on the video cam.


I'm not very professional, just a guy with a point and shoot camera, and videocam, and the software will do more stuff then I'll ever learn, so bear with me.

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thanks for the posts, BamaRider.


2 questions--where is Prattville and what video equipment/setup do you use?



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Prattville is Central Ala. about 10 10 miles north of Montgomery on I-65,


My videocam is a Sony HC-46, mounted on my bikes with the RAM system. The editing software is Sony Movie Studio.

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Shawnee Bill


Thanks for the video's, not just this one but the others also.


I love riding across the desert, don't know why, I just do.


I spent the night in Winslow a few weeks ago, but missed standing on the corner downtown.

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