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Any differences between 1997 and 2000 R1100RT trannies?


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I am looking for a replacement tranny for my 2000 R1100RT-P. I have only found a 1997 so far. Is it the same animal? Would I be better off having mine rebuilt (splines shot badly) or would the problem return due to potentially mis-machined case as described in other posts? Anybody recommended as a rebuilder? Anybody with a tranny to sell? I'd like to get riding again. Thanks for any input. Hal


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Maybe. This page has good information on the various transmission models. However, you'll need to know either the serial number of the transmission, the production date of the bike (on the VIN sticker), or both, and still might not have enough info. It could even be an M94 transmission rebuilt with the updated parts, in which case nobody will ever quite know what to do with it if it needs to be repaired again.


Now, the M93, M94, and M97 transmissions will all work on your 2000 RT-P. Many of the pre-M97 transmissions had issues. However, if I had the choice between an M94 transmission that never exhibited any problems (hard to know buying a used one), or reinstalling a repaired a M97 transmission that had had spline issues (suggesting misalignment between that particular engine and transmission) - that would be a tough choice.

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As David noted a 1997 model year transmission is on the dividing line in time bewteen a M94 and a full M97 (the latest model) so only a serial number check will tell for sure (well, kind of for sure.) I would imagine the seller would provide that to you upon request. If it is an M97 unit and in good condition then that's how I'd go.


If you have your transmisison rebuilt I would only consider a shop with a known, consistently good track record. Brunos and Tom Cutter's shops seem to be well regarded but may not be the best choice if you are in a hurry. You can also get a remanufactured unit from BMW but not cheap at around $1400 (although at least you get a warranty.)


As to why yours failed... hard to say, we'd all like to know why these spline failures occur. But if the failure was at low miles then one might indeed suspect an alignment problem and if so then I would definitely look for another tranny.


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Nothing to add on the diff between the transmission, but I just swapped out transmissions on a '99 RT-P (trans had a bad 2nd gear.. haven't cracked it yet to see if it's just the shifter fork or something more serious).


Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you and share my experiences.. especially the bar holding the crash bar supports in back of the transmission (you'll find out!! hahaha).





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