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help heip french driver


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sorry but i speak english a little.i have a sony cdx mp70 and a autocom kit 6 .i want install a sony marine remote control rm xm10.If i connect the sony remote control on the rear of the cdx mp70 how do you connect the autocom because there is only one hole for 1 jack.Is it possible to connect a wireless remote control sony rm x5s or rm x6s ?

i have a r 1150rt

thanks for your answer

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You have the wrong kit. The kit you need has 4 wires (rt +/- Lt +/-) and you wire it to the rear speaker output on the radio or unhook the external speakers and hook it to them. The kit you have is for a walkman type radio and the jack on the radio your refering to is for the remote only, no audio coming from it.

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