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Black Side Pannels on RTs


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Can anyone tell me a way fo securing these pannels so they fit Proberly or has any one else had this problem with them. I know that they both have two spade feet that fit in slots on aluminium side guard and and twist release knob at top but mine do not fit snug with Paniers. Any suggestions? confused.gif

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If you mean that there is a 2cm gap between the rear of the black plastic panel and the front of the pannier, that's normal and would be difficult to change.


If you mean the black plastic panels aren't attached very tightly and move about some, check the tangs that fit in the footpeg plate. There are grey rubber covers that surround the tabs which degrade over time. Replacing the grey rubber covers will help some. The early R1100's only attach with the tabs and the turn screw. Later years they added a hole with a rubber grommet in the painted side panels and a knob on the front of the black plastic panel to fit into the grommet to keep the black plastic panel from moving so much.

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