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finally did it...


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ordered an Autocom tonight. Active plus.


I'm thinking about mounting. Seems the tankbag idea is a great one to keep it all in one place. I don't want to be tied to using a tankbag always though. Looking for a better solution.. I'm thinking about using my topbox in the same manner. Of course, this means running cables all the way to the bars.


Stick it under the seat and meet the two ideas in the middle. I'm not crazy about having a bunch of crap on my bars. GPS is plenty, so, the tankbag works well for that. Like I said, I don't want to have to use a tankbag all the time! Should I just get over it?


What about the system picking up unwanted noise? Is a tankbag better in this regard? Seems it would be.. If it matters, the tankbag is powered through a powerlet outlet that goes into a centech panel with a relay.


Looking forward to setting it up!


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Jim, I went through the same thought process mounting my Active 7 on my '05 RT. I did not like the "birdsnest" or wires in the tank bag like you traditionally see and I didn't like wires hanging out above the seat from a permanent installation.


I went with the tank bag approach. This is the way I did it. I installed a Powermate on the left side of the bag. I use a dual cigarette plug on the inside below the rain cover I then measured the exact length of cable I needed to reach the accessory plug. To solve the "birdsnest" problem I "borrowed" one of my wife's tupperware containers. I mounted the Autocomm in the tupperware container with some velcro. I then drilled some smalll holes to run the cables out of the container. The power chord comes out one side, attachment chords come out the other to my IPod, and phone and GPS. I measured out the length of wire I needed and ziplocked the cable I didn't require leaving thee excess in the container. I keep my FRS chord wrapped up in the tupperware container because I only use it on trips, keeps it out of the way. I run the connector chord to my helmet out through a small opening between the tank bag zippers.


What really makes it work so well is a purchased an "AirLink" remote for my IPod. I use the velcro strap and mount it near my left handgrip where the on/off/mute button is the closest to the grip. I can also adjust volume and skip through songs with the other buttons. Works great and the IPod stays protected in the tank bag.


The tupperware containers resides below the rain cover of the BMW bag and is competely hidden except for what wires I need coming out above the cover to the IPod and phone. Very clean functional installation. I generally have my tank bag on when I going out for an ride of 200-250+ miles when I want music etc. Other times I just unplug the bag and take it off.


This system also gives you the flexibility of using your IPod and Air Link remote without the tank bag. I just use some molded earplugs with speakers and slip the IPod in my inside jacket pocket. The AirLink works great.


Just some ideas for your installation. I guess I can take some pictures for you but I think you get the idea.


Good Luck.

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Stick it under the seat and meet the two ideas in the middle.


That is what I did on my GT. I ran my Starcom in the tankbag for several months. But I really got tired of having the bag on the bike all the time. I also never figured out a good way to provide my pillion with a headset cable - it came out of the tankbag and was always wrapped around me, and in the way.


I ran power and audio wires for a GPS, satellite radio, V-1, cell phone, and GMRS radio from the handlebar and dashboard areas, under the gas tank, and to the area under the seat. The GT has a tray for the toolkit under the seat, which is sized perfectly to hold the intercom, a fuse block, and all the wires. The tool kit got relegated to my top case, which is almost always on the bike anyway.


I mounted a headset jack for me on the handlebars. I'm still toying with the right location for the passenger headset jack, but will mount it also.


I spent a fair amount of time bundling and routing wires around the dash and handlebars...for all the crap that's up there, it looks fairly clean.


All-in-all, I'm glad I took the time to do it. Now the tankbag is only on when I really need the space.

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