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Swingarm Pivot Bearings


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Mine may need replacing, or it may be the final drive pivot (not sure yet) and I'm hoping it's not the FD itself.

Anyway, if it is the Swingarm Pivots, anything else I should do while I'm in there? (69,000 miles) Sticky Neutral switch comes to mind.

My clutch splines may be acting up, but It's not much of a problem....Yet blush.gif

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If your pulling the final drive and swingarm I would pull the tranny and do the splines. My splines failed at 47xxx. My buddies RT (00) splines failes at 62xxx.


As for the bearings. I found out that BMW is the only place to get the right bearings. I guess Guzzi and Ducati use standard bearings and BMW uses special ones.


If you have to do the splines later you will have to spend another $100 on bearings again. Although, its only money.


Hope this helps!



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How much work do you want to do? As mentioned, if you're willing to go a little further and pull the tranny, might as well go for broke:


  • Inspect main engine seal
  • Rebuild clutch
  • Inspect tranny seals
  • Inspect / Lube clutch splines
  • Replace clutch slave
  • Replace clutch pushrod
  • Replace swing arm bearings
  • Replace final drive pivot bearings
  • Replace shift lever bushings
  • Inspect / lube all drive train splines
  • Anything else that comes to mind



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Whoa! Are you talking about the swingarm bearings or the pivot (pin) bearings? If you are suspicious of your FD, it sounds like you are talking about the pivot bearings just in front of the FD. The pivot pins are a 1 hour job and don't require removing the swingarm - just the FD and drive shaft. If it is the swingarm bearings you are talking about then you will be pulling the swingarm and might consider lubing the splines. My RS has 98000 miles on it and the swingarm has never been off. Pulling all the crap required to get to the trannie makes it an 8 hour job (maybe less if you have done it before).

The pivot bearings are, indeed, only available from BMW, and are held together by red locktite, so you will need some heat, but other than that, it is a piece o'cake to do.

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Thanks guys,

It is the FD Pivot bearing, no big deal.

But the clutch splines are showing their symptoms so that'll be the big ticket.

Better to lube 'em now than to do repairs later crazy.gif

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