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ST Wilbers have arrived!!


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Finally, I am holding my Christmas in July present! Front and rear Wilbers! High and low speed compression, remote pre-load. Wow, these shock assemblies look GREAT!


I am now reviewing the feasibility of doing this myself. I have posted before and received some good feedback and know that I can do the job, but may not be able to do so due to tool limitations, etc.


Here's what I need to know.


For those who have done this, what did you support the bike with, if anything, other than the centerstand?


Specific tool requirements?


Other tips, tool particulars would be great.


I have the BMW CD so I have access to the schematics, etc. and I have a set of procedures for doing it. Would just hate to see the bike go horizontal for no good reason. That being said, there is never a good reason for this!


If I can find the time (all the fires, literally, are keeping me tied to work)and I can ensure the right tools for the job, I will be posting again with a date. You are all then invited for coffee! The cost of coffee will be the photo documentation of the surgery as well as the picking up of a wrench to help!


And there would be BBQ'ing after the job, too!!! thumbsup.gifgrin.gif


TIA for any assistance you can provide!

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There was a step by step w/ photos for an RT here (ohlins)not too long ago. He used a jack to support the bike.

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Well, if I lived closer, you'd have one very willing (and able I might add... smile.gif ) photographer.


Congrats on the new toys. I'll look forward to the report.

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I want to see this and I've got the camera - just let me know the date.


Hint - I'm free this Thursday and Friday.... grin.gif

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Hi, Phil-


Put mine on almost two weeks ago, but haven't ridden it Yet! No seat.


If you want to maintain your rear wheel clearance to the ground while on the centerstand, put the shock in the shortest position if you have ride height adjustment. Mine came about six threads out and the tire was just off the ground- less than 1/4 inch, maybe 3/16.


I put some 1/4 inch heat shrink tubing around the clamps for the piston cylinder to keep them from scratching the frame or cylinder. Cover it all except about the last two inches of the clamp.


Used a bottle jack to lift the front wheel off the ground a little. Don't go too far or the bike will become unstable. Alternator cover must come off, 5 screws. Out and In, not much trouble. Use some blue or purple low strength Loctite on the bottom bolt and top nut.


I removed the whole rear fender, a total of about 8 screws, for unobstructed access. Same loctite on the screws of the rear shock.


I did much cleaning and looking around and got the job done in about 3 hours. Didn't need to take that long, just eyeballing everything.


You'll need an E10 torx socket to undo the bolt in the stock spring adjuster knob mount and reuse it to mount the Wilbers mount. The tank is best removed. Two bolts, two vent lines, and two quick fuel disconnects. Intake snorkle must come off. Can't think of anything else right now. If you are at all mechanically inclined, have a good torque wrench, and the proper torx bits, do it yourself.


Let me know if you have any other questions.



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OK!! Finally got a break from the world of firefighting long enough to plan the install!!


Saturday, July 29. Coffee pot will be full at, say, 9 AM.


Anyone interested to see it done, or has done it, or wants to help do it are welcome!! Camera anyone?


Am not planning on rushing to get it done. Might do a little Baehr Comm system wire clean up under the tupperware as well. We'll see.


We should probably BBQ after, or during!


If anyone wants to make this an informal tech daze and perform some maintenance, come on up! If you need specialized tools, bring them with as I have the basics. If you are exchanging fluids, bring a container to take the old ones as I don't have an easy way to dispose of the spent stuff.


Any gurus want to show some form of maintenance, come on down, or up, or over. However it may be!


Who's in?


PM or email for address, phone, directions. Want to have a rough idea on how many so I have plenty of refreshments, etc. for ya!


See ya there! thumbsup.gif

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