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I am going to take my 2005 R1200RT in at 1000Miles


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I picked this bike up in Decemeber when it was 15 degrees, due to my schedule, and my displeasure (outlined below) every time I have ridden since.. can't stay riding..


I had a "clanker" which is a low rpm 1800-2700 clanking like from the area of the cam chain tensioner..my dealer stripped in down on my 600mi checkup and AOK...yes my bike "clanks" a bit more than just the idle warmup shudder..I hate the noise...after another 400mls going back this time for them to keep it and fix it whatever it takes.


I did "octane up" in the event it was bad fuel - ran like I think it should for about 5min - and then dropped back into major mechanical noise..


Wish me luck - I am putting in lower driver pegs from Suburban Machinery to match my factory low seat, and adding the handlebar lift/back module from Suburban Mach as well.


Wish me luck ! I will update in about 2 weeks after the Area rep comes down to go over my bike...

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By no means am I discounting your very potential issue, but is this your first BMW or boxer engine?? When did the noise start?

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I noticed the "clank" from the 1st day.


The bike had been purchased, but not titled, in Nov 2005 and the 1st time owner returned it to my dealer after 110 miles (good guys) with the famous "my wife wouldn't let me keep it".


I bought it in Dec, my delaer had gotten in another Piedmont new-new 2005, and I bought this one as a good thing for him and a good thing for me (discount).


I have bought 3 bikes from my local guys and they are sqaure.


I bought it the lowest temp day of the year here in Dec (15 I think) and noticed when I rode it home.


I ran a few hundred, and we did the 600 mile check early at 450, and checked the tensioner.


I travel, have a few bikes and a few specialty cars, and I got back to the bike over the past 3 weeks.


It isn't right - and this week I will take it in for a bigger teardown after my dealer hassles BMW (who, anyone knowing the old BMW knows the "new" BMW are not the same)...and see what it takes to get it taken care of.


I suspect tensioner tolerances - meaning the correct tensioner (which it has) - the piston can run to the outside of tolerance, and the tolerance on the guide/hole can run to the small - and as a result the not-well-finctioning-but-correct tensioner.


I can't enjoy the bike until this is resolved - fortunately I have time, since Fall (the very best season here in AR) is still a few weeks away.


I am waiting for my favorite specialty Mercedes to finosh maintainence, then the BMW will go in.


Thanks for the good thoughts - I am a BMW enthusiast, discouraged but not out of the game - shit happens with a new bike sometimes, in good faith I have to get it resolved before I take it up to 10K miles where the bike really starts showing it's stuff.

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Good luck with the bike. What you describe is very unusual and may be difficult to diagnose but I feel sure that the dealer and BMW will take care of the matter in due time.

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The bar risers from Suburban Machinery will raise the bars, but will not move them back much, if any. The bar risers from Moto-Techniques (http://www.moto-techniques.com/bmw.htm) will move your bars up and back.


I just added the Suburban Machinery footpeg kit and the Moto-Techniques bar risers. If the weather ever cools off, I'll get to enjoy the bike.


Good luck finding your bike's problem.



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Noted, I thought the SM's would also bring them back about 1/2" - I will let you know.


I love the MotoTechniques billet brake pedal - had the MT it on my 1150RT, wish I had remembered where I had bought it (thanks for reminding me) before I went the drill/out and enlarged brake pedal for my RT...

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