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I been through the desert.....


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On a bike with no name.....


Left Phoenix on Saturday morning and headed towards Yuma. Sun was just starting to come up and it was a cool 95 degrees out. By the time I got to Yuma, it was about 100 but there was a nice breeze and the RT is humming at about 95mph. Had a bite to eat and headed west into California. Got off the freeway at Ocotillio and tanked up at this 76 station where everyone was speaking Spanish (next to the border). Except the owner, who I swear was speaking Arabic and was willing to rent me a camel since it was now about 120 out. Once he got over me getting 2 gallons for $3.67 a gallon and actually paying for premium, he gave me a token for the bathroom that everyone else had to pay .25 to use. I kept expecting someone to say..."Awrance...You can't take Aquaba from Sea". I headed North over 8 and onto SR2.


There were people driving pick ups filled with water barrels marked "agua". These I found out were for the illegals walking across the desert. This encouraged me since I thought I was stupid for actually riding my RT across it.


If you have never ridden SR2 and are within 500 miles, you need to. The road is amazing. I passed a Border Patrol check point, and after that saw 1 car during the next 50 miles. ONE.


From there I rolled into Julian and then Ramona, where I called Leslie, but got my mechanic by mistake. He was moonlighting at the fire station, but told me that he was glad I was coming to have a party. He even said we could use his house. How often does that happen!?


I will leave the post about the party till later once I get the pics up.


Today, I headed up to Torrance for work. The freeways were ok, but I did see a boat going down the other side of I-5. Well it only went about 40 yards after deciding to leave the truck and trailer it was using. Only in California.


I will pay some proper thank you's tomorrow in a longer post, but seriously, I was treated like a king in a 4.65 star B&B in San Diego. Even the pie rocks!!



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Dang, Tom - sorry I missed your visit! You were here the only weekend I had to be out of town. Well, at least I missed the party by a greater distance than YOUR HOST! cool.gif



It seems to me that only someone from Phoenix would enjoy S2 in July, during record-breaking heat! That is one of our "Fall & Winter Routes" - and some folks won't ride it then. If memory serves, part of that road is called "Butterfield Stagecoach Road" or some such.. and yes, it WAS a stagecoach route, back in the day. Now it's just a nice moto-ride - from nowhere, to nowhere! Except of course Banner Grade going up to Julian, which I suppose you enjoyed, eh?


Anway, maybe some other time. There's LOTS of nice road here for your riding pleasure. Come on back! wave.gif

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