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I've got a possibility of getting some Rallye 2 pants and jacket for around $600, used, with some wear but nothing major. Worthwhile? Or just pony up another 75 for a new jacket and save for the pants?

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My personal experience and opinion:::::

I wore the Ralley II to Alaska last year.

Basically 3 non-stop weeks of rain. I'd call that a good test of equipment. I sold it three weeks later when I got home.

The positives:

Comfort I give it a 9

Protection capabilities 9

Looks 8


Way too many pockets,you actually will lose things cuz their are way too many pockets to remember where you put stuff.

Gortex liner keeps you dry but the outter shell is still wet. In a tent or at a restaurant,your jacket is dripping water all over. Contaminating everything else that is dry like your belongings in your tent.

And I'm not about to leave a $500 jacket draped across my bike in a parking lot to dry while I'm inside eating dinner.

The sleeve length for the liner is shorter than the outter shell/jacket. So, when the outter shell gets wet, the water travels/wicks it's way under your rain gloves by your wrists. If you where your gloves under the sleeves,your wrists/sleeves still get wet cuz the liner isn't long enough.

The pant leg/knee protection is uncomfortable to walk in/around at like say a Ralley or something. Again the outter shell of the pants is still wet when you enter your tent/restaurant.


Personally I use an "over type rain suit" over my protective gear. Stash it in your bags and your good to go. You might sacrifice a bit of room for carrying a rain suit,but to each his own.

Drys nicely over the bike when eating or sleeping!

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Thanks! I ride every day for work, with gear coming on and off regularly, and into saddle bags, so it's no worry about anything getting stolen. I'm just tired of baking in poorly made black gear with pockets I can't reach or use, or anything inbetween.


Based on your comments, I'm going to go with it. It seems that of all the textile's, these will last the longest, and on and on. And if I don't like them, I'll sell em.


thanks for you help!

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