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Jack Jammin And The Manchester Express


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Living in Nashville after spending 20 years in the Sierra Nevada outside of Reno has made me juandiced and hard to please when it comes to spectacular rides, but I gotta say, I had a helluva great time on a recent day trip down from Nashville To Lynchburg, TN. Here's a few pics of the experience...



















All in all, a pretty great day for someone used to this...



The full trip is chronicled here if anyone is interested...

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Great 'Tale, Steven!!


Loks like a fun time and a great group of friends to share it with! thumbsup.gif


I had to go to your blog to see the pics as they don't seem to allow hot-linking to the DB. Perhaps they're only blocked if you're not registered, but we're using Firefox as well. (I checked the syntax on your links and everything looks fine there so it must be being blocked by the blogging site.)


I'd love to get a tour of the facilities there in Lynchburg. I hear "Jack" is a real hit at the Top of the Rockies Rally in Paonia, Colorado every July, too! dopeslap.gifgrin.gif


Thanks for sharing!

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