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CANBUS question?


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This Centech fuse block & Relay from Motorrad Concepts:




I connected this using the unused accessory plug <this is where the rear accessory outlet would be connected to> under the rear seat . Everything works fine but I am looking for confirmation that i connected this correctly.


I set it up so that the relay is trigged by the orange/hot wire to the switchable + power and it also has a ground wire which I have connected the the - pole of the accessory plug.


Would I be better NOT having the return <-> go to the CANBUS system and instead go to bodywork for ground. Essentially having just a one wire coming from the harness with nothing going back into.


Another weired thing is I am powering ,for the moment, my xm off the front accessory plug -. My amp is powered from the Centech fuse box that is powered as I described earlier. If I turn the key off and remove it everything will keep running. The accessory outlets do not turn off at all . However if I use an self powered ipod to the amp , when i turn off the key the relay will shut off Centech fuse box in about 90 seconds or so. Gremlins eek.gif

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The accy outlets stay powered up for about 90 seconds after bike is shut off (I think it searches for the BMW Battery charger) and when it finds none it shuts down. Do you have a relay wired into your Centech fuse panel? Listen for it to click when the accy outlet shuts down.

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Right, relay wired to Centech fuse box. I actually found something useful in manual. It notes that accessory outlets can remain powered for up to 15 minutes if accessory is on, such as gps AFTER the key is turned off! I don't understand the logic to that as far as battery life. Although it also indicated it will turn off sooner if battery life is low.

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