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Review of BMR Co pilot shelf


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We all seem to be confronted by the never ending quest to figure out how to mount our various electronic "farkles". RAM mount are very common and well made, as are other assorted brackets and such. That all leaves us with things mounted on the L/R handlebars and other stuff <GPS> between the bars with wires goig to all. This shelf from BMR rocks! No drilling at all, everything fits perfect. If you are trying to figure out how to mount something check this out.


<I have nothing to do with these guys and no financial connection to them ,except they have my $$. Really quality. check it out>

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The BMR shelf ROCKS. I use it to mount my Garmin 2610 on my RT and couldn't be happier. The shelf is very steady and the GPS is right in the sight line.

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Another happy BMR customer, mounted Sirius Streamer, Garmin 2610 and Escort Solo2. Tomorrow I figure out a way (no tripod socket) to mount a RiteAid/CVS* single use digital video recorder.


*They sell for $29.00 plus whatever it costs to get the DVD made when you return the camera. They record for 20 minutes, fixed lens. I bought two to try-out on scenic sections of road on an upcoming trip.


Business Week Article about the camera.



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glad your happy with the BMR shelf as well. How did you bring your wires up from below to your gadgets?Did you run them from up the front of the dash and then snake them behind? I haven't sorted out my final wiring path and was curious how others were approaching this issue ,thanks.

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Zip tied them to the supports then under the shelf and out the front. You can stuff the extra antenna wire behind a mirror. When all the gadgets are removed it looks like a dead octopus is laying there.

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