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Basic suspension setup Question for 2004 R1150RT


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My manuals have yet to arrive, but they will be here soon. I'm sure this is covered in the manuals, but here goes if anyone out there is patient enough:


The bike is a 2004 RT, stock suspenion. I have discovered a preload adjuster behind the right side (driver's perspective) system case, as well as an adjustment screw on the rear shock itself, accessable through a hole in the lower left-side fairing.


I'm not sure if these were every played with by the previous owner, but he was quite a bit larger than I am, so maybe he set it up for himself. The bike feels fine as-is, but I was wondering if there is some "baseline setting" to start from, or even a preferred setting advocated by some experienced riders here. I'm just starting to fine tune her to my liking, and boy, am I in heaven!




PS - My gf just bought home a pristine 2004 R1150R yesterday. 5K miles with BMW touring shield, for $8k flat. What a FUN motorcycle! Just a blast to ride! I imagine the suspension adjustment procedures are the same as the RT, save for the effects of the lighter weight of the R.

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Go Here and read thru it. It'll give you the how to on setup measurements.

The only difference being the dampening adjustment on the rear. That 'screw', turn fully clockwise for a firm/sport ride, turn counterclockwise one full turn for the 'standard' setting (start there) and turn fully counterclockwise for the 'mush/soft' setting.

There are no adjustments up front on the stock shock, but take your measurements anyway to see where you are ride heightwise.

When you set up the rear preload, you may want to figure out multiple settings such as you solo no gear, you with a ton of weekend gear, and your with a rider.

Hope this helps

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