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Autocom - what else do I need?


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When I bought my bike I discovered it has autocom (pro 7)fitted.


There is a small box fitted beneath the tail section with various input facilities. There are two 7 pin connectors one each for the rider and pillion.


I assume that I just need headsets with mikes (plus extension leads)to get the system working.


How do I set the volume? Is there a separate control needed?



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I've got the Pro-7 Sport. Love it.


I would call AutocomAmerica and see if you can get a copy of the owner's manual.


The volume actually self adjusts from a baseline, determined by whether or not you've selected 'with earplugs' or 'no earplugs.' You do have to set the VOX sensitivity.


If your system is set for 'with earplugs' there will be an apparently useless connector (no wire running from it) plugged into one of the ports on the control box. To select 'no earplugs' remove that pin (but save it, you may want it later).



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John Bentall

I don't think there is a control for rider to pillion volume. For everything else e.g. CD player, iPod, SatNav, bike to bike one uses the volume control on that particular device.

Here is a link to a Pro M7 manual




The only other adjustment is the VOX. The mikes on the intercoms are normally off, when you talk they are switched on. The VOX setting is made so that the microphone is not fooled by the rush of the wind into opening the mikes. So this is an setting that varies with the expected typical speed of your journey.

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