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Switched power for after market amplifier? HELP


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I have purchased a very small amp that is 35w/channel.




Also got the harness for BMW auto that connects to our M/C radio harness when you have the prep kit installed. With everything connected and key on nothing, no power on voltmeter with red wire from harness, when I switch to the yellow wire from harness which is the illumination wire ---> awesome sound from iPOD, really nice. But it is powered all the time. I can't seem to locate a switched power in that harness, red, yellow , blue...not switched and yellow is the only thing with power .


Also, there is a 2 prong harness that is disconnected.. my sense is that is for the fan.. any idea if that runs or what to do with it?? Need help since wires are dangling... THANKS wave.gif

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Followup, I decided that sorting that out was not going to happen. I installed a relay to the rear switchable accessory power under the seat--> fuse block--> now power to amp while maintaining BMW auto harness for speakers and ground . Work well--speakers sound surprisingly good with 35w/ Also playing with mixit as preamp since it has a convenient volume know. Just trying to fiure out where to put it.

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