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Autocom Easi-plus


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This one is recommended for solo riders. It seems perfect for me, but, it doesn't state whether music is mono or stereo. I think i'd also need to add a cable for bike power?


I have the possibility of getting one of these units for $100. Should I just spend extra for the Active Plus?

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What a great question. The website is not clear about the answer.


I just bought the Active-Plus and, too, am a solo rider. So why'd I get that model instead? Because when I walked into Bob's BMW and asked the question of Easy-Plus vs. Active-Plus, their all-knowing folks behind the counter said it's worth the extra dough for the quality (I think it's a better VOX microphone and/or circuitry than the Easy-Plus) and upgrade capacity - rider-to-passenger and rider-to-rider. They've never been wrong before so I took the recommendation at face value and didn't press for, "convince me."


Will watch the replies you get to see about the stereo question.

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John Bentall

Jim, it is really important when choosing an Autocom system to decide what inputs you want now and in the future.

Music, GPS, bike to bike, rider to pillion, radar?

Looking at the brochure - the Easi-Plus is mono and you would need power cord part number 1533.

The automatic muting features on the Active-plus make it more suitable for riders with lots of audio gadgets wired in coupled with intercom.

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