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'02 R1150RT-P Radio Speakers


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Can someone/anyone please tell my about my stock dash radio speakers. They are gangly-looking with long plastic backs that mold down along the fairing 8 - 10". Side fairings needs to come off to remove dash speakers.


Anyway, I am considering using these with my XM and an AMP (still trying to figure out which one).


I don't know anything about these speakers, including whether or not they are worth using? If I remove them, will I change the bikes airflow dynamics (i.e. will air blow through the grills on my dash?) Only one of the speakers was used in LEO service.


Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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As far as speaker quality goes, the stock speakers are adequate for low volume levels. Listening to the panel speakers while riding exposes them as only slightly better than useless.


The long tubes on the back of your speakers serve to improve the base response. Removing the tubes will not upset anything and it will be easy to blank the back of the speaker grille if you're concerned about airflow.


The only technical information I have on them is that they are each 4 ohms impedance.

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