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Old chestnut


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Hi Everybody. I'm new here so please be gentle with me.


I've just bought an R1100RT. My first Beemer although I've owned many other bikes. Assuming routine maintenance has been carried out regulary and properly, what sort of mileage can these bikes be expected to cover over their life without major problems.


The reason I ask is that my bike is showing 18000 miles but the general appearance would suggest the mileage is much higher (although the bodywork is in superb condition)

I suppose I'm asking if the bike has covered one hundred and 18k is this a problem or can I look forward to many more miles?


I've used the search facility to try and pin this down but had little success (but that could be my poor use of the facility).





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Hi Cabbage and welcome to the board wave.gif

my 2004 R1150RT has 36,000 miles on it and is now just about run in. 18K is nothing on these bikes, 118K is not an issue either.

The silver on the forks and the black on the fork bridge gets very tatty very quickly and the paint on the tupperware is soft so marks easily. Eco-friendly paint being less durable than earlier offerings.

How do the seats look? a high mileage bike tends to show there, and in worn rubbers on the pegs and grips.


Have a dig round here and the M/C faq at the top of th page, you will find all the information needed to service your bike yourself and keep it running in top condition without spending a fortune.


Cya, Andy thumbsup.gif

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The reason I ask is that my bike is showing 18000 miles but the general appearance would suggest the mileage is much higher (although the bodywork is in superb condition)


I would think that an RT with 118K miles -- even one that had been mechanically well-maintained -- would have bodywork and windshield pocked with lots of stone chips and little dings, unless they been replaced at some time. As to longevity, at only 18K miles it's just a kid, not yet even a teenager.

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Hiya! grin.gif


What Andy said is true. My only value-added bit is my `99 has 95,000 miles and is, well, dirtier than most, but has run like a champ. Other than the typical wear items, I replaced my clutch after 80,000 miles and my final drive was rebuilt after 70,000 miles. Have fun and welcome! smile.gif

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Thanks guys, some useful pointers, FWIW the seats are in good nick and don't seem to have that polished appearance that the high mileage ones get.



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Welcome to the board, Cabbage. I ride a '98 RT and have a six place odometer. Take a look at yours and see if you have six places. If you do, then it would show 118,000 miles, I would think. Maybe Euro BMW's or older oil-heads are 5 place odometers? Or perhaps you are worried that some unscrupulous lout rolled back the odometer on you?

P.S. Please fill out the year on your bike as it will allow some members to help you out quicker if they now the year.

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Clive Liddell

I had the same two questions that old chestnut had.


My R1100RT is just NOW getting to be run in and has never run smoother (80000km) so, good luck with your bike. I still prefer the R1100RT to any newer iterations that followed it.

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