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Why me????


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Bought a new K1200S about a month ago. Put 1000 miles on it in the last month, and besides getting used to some of the quirks of the new bike, I love it.


Due to leave on Monday for a week in Utah on it. Took it in for first service on Saturday. The Brake failure light came on as I rode it off from the dealer for about the first 20 yards, I had to stop at street corner and wow, no brakes! Rode it around the block and brakes set with no issues. Just off the rack and raining pretty good, I figured it was just the ABS setting.


Rode again yesterday and again, no servo-assist. Have to power cycle the bike several times after rolling it around a bit before it will set. Called the dealer, this is not right.


Dealer calls me last night...forget the trip. frown.gif Brakes fail for them too, but computer says everything A-OK. Hook up computer and it tells them that no test are available for this bike. This is bad and they know it, they are just not sure what is wrong.


Called them again today, they think the Brake pedal has a "burr" on it and it causing the brake pedal to not come all the way back up. No ETA on parts, maybe next week...


Two questions:

1. Does this not sound right to anyone else. Bike was fine for 1000 miles, take in for service and all of a sudden the brakes don't work right. A "burr" on the brake pedal causing servo assist to not work?


2. Since I have vacation planned with other riders and hotels booked (and I WANT to go) on this trip, is it out of the question to ask for a loaner...should I expect them to cough one up. A buddy of mine is very active in the Victory Riders group, and is pretty convinced he can get me a Victory for the trip from one of the dealers they work with. Even though its not quite the same, I am considering this. Any good reason why I should or should not do this?

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Not sure if you posted this over at K-Bikes.com or I-Bwm.com, but they seem to have a lot more posts relating to issues with the new K series.


I hope you get it sorted out.



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Calvin  (no socks)

I had my S in Colorado/Utah/New Mexico. It was worth the ride out thru Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

It is highly suspect that bike was Ok before service and broken after service. Wonder what was touched. Battery connections are critical and will not post a code. A true technician has to think out of the box to solve problems with no codes. Basic things come to mind. Power, ground, etc.

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Thanks for the other sites to check out info on. I appreciate it!


Dealer says it is the spring that allows the rear brake to return to normal position that is messed up. Something about a burr on the pedal and some sort of debris in the spring. They cleaned it out, and it is working again.


They think it is OK to take the bike, but still want to replace the parts under warranty when I get back.


Going to get it tonight or in the AM. Have to put a few miles on it over the weekend to make sure everything is kosher before I head into the Mountains on Monday. thumbsup.gif


Thanks all.

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sweet. riding to the mountains on a bike with finicky brakes; a mans' man, i'd say. glad it worked out for you. riding is riding, but a cruiser is a cruiser and a K bike is, well...in a class by itself. enjoy the trip.

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Hey, Greg-


Did the dealer show you exactly what was going on with the pedal so you could try ti fix it on the road if it fails again? It would be nice to know.



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He did this morning.


There is a shaft that comes out of the right side of the bike and acts as the pivot for the rear brake pedal. On that shaft is a monster spring. Where the edge of the spring catches, that spring has worn a burr up off the metal and was hitting the rear brake lever. It was not enough to bind the pedal, but was enough to make the switch think that the pedal was being depressed. When the bike started and the systems ran their check, the systems thought the brake pedal was depressed and it would fail it's test and never set the servo-assist. They filed off the burr, and put it all back together so the bike can be ridden for now. The new shaft, brake pedal and switch are on order, but will take several weeks to get in.


He told me if it does it again, turn off the bike, raise up on the brake pedal and then the servo-assist would come on when the bike starts. When he said it stuck down, he said it was barely noticable, but enough to be noticed by the switch.


And I made sure with multiple folks, no chance of this causing the brakes to fail while riding, which is my biggest concern.

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