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Caution: Installing Kisan modulator on R12RT


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On an R12RT, the Kisan Pathblazer modulator plugs into the six-pin connection point on the headlight housing, under the dash to the right of the steering head. The female pins on the Kisan unit are designed to be a very tight fit to the male pins on the connector. Because it's such an awkward space to work in, they can be really hard to get properly seated. If you push too hard, as I did, the headlight pins on the bike can pop out of their retaining slot and disappear inside the plastic cavern. S--T!


What I learned is that if you take off the cover for the right headlight, you can just get a finger in there, find the loose part, and wiggle it back into place. If you then carefully pull on the pins from the outside with a set of very long-nosed pliers and push from the back at the same time with your finger, the module will snap back into its proper slot.


Then you can start all over and proceed more carefully the second time. My headlight is now modulating nicely, but half my knuckles are bloody.

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