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V Stream Windshield


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Does anyone have one of these V Stream Windshields? If so, could you comment on how quite they are?





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I finally broke down and got one for my R1200RT and put it on last night. Let me tell ya...go buy one right now. The thing is extremely effective and is so quiet!!!!!!


The original stock screen had to be raised almost 100% to attain near quietness and full wind coverage. On the Vstream, it only needs to be raised about 30% to attain the same amount of coverage. For heavy rain or complete and utter silence ( no kidding ) raise it all the way and you're well shielded.


I'm sure everyone with one will confirm that this is a MUST-HAVE!!!

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I agree with Jeff completely. The bike I demo rode had a stock windshield and I thought it was noisy. The bike I bought had the V-Stream on it in the showroom and I took it as is. I noticed the difference right away when I rode out of the dealership. I was extremely pleased with my choice.


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Ditto what Jeff said. I put one on before a 5000+ mile ride through New Mexico and Colorado, gale force winds, lots of interstate days on the way out and back, and it performed better than I hoped. Quieter and better viz, even when fully up, than stock. BTW, I am 5'7" and ride a low seat on high position.


Worth every penny...Get one!


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The V-Stream pushes the air away from the shoulder/arm area. You still get air "over-the-top" (and that seems less turbulent), but side turbulence is largely dismissed.

If you look at the wedge shape of the windshield, you can see how that would be accomplished.


All that said, I removed the V-Stream for super hot months (errr...make that weeks) up here, the more air the better.


And one note that I had posted earlier:


I have installed K-RS mirrors up on the handlebars for better visibility, and the V-Stream and the K mirrors bang into each other when the w/s if in the lower 1/3 of it's range, with bars at full lock.

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All that said, I removed the V-Stream for super hot months (errr...make that weeks) up here, the more air the better.


Yep, I put mine on for my upcoming trip, but I will surely be putting the stock screen back on for in town riding when I get back because the V works that well, but my summer days here in FL are HOTHOTHOT! ooo.gif

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There is a group purchase for the V-Stream (for R1200RT's) on another BMW forum. I don't think I'm allowed to link to it on this forum. But the group purchase is open until Monday only -- save a little more than 20%, plus tiny shipping charge, plus no sales tax.


I hope this doesn't violate Forum rules, but I do think those reading this thread might want to know that the purchase is closing soon. Mods, have I gone too far? If so I apologize. I'm <b>not</b> trying to be disobedient, merely trying to help fellow forum members. I have absolutely no interest here (I'm already getting the shield, the group purchase already has more than enough members). I'm not using the forum to constitute the group. That's why I don't think I am in violation.

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Too bad, I already ordered mine. Mine was 190 w/shipping. Not sure it's worth cancelling & reordering though - especially considering logistics of joining a group purchase and getting delivery.

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I think it would be a service to post the link. I tried to find it and struck out.


Please read the user agreement

Posts inviting others to partipate in group buys are not permitted.

Rule 11. Members may not claim to represent the community in order to negotiate group discounts, bulk purchase agreements or other such activitites that might permit direct profit to a member or group of members. Posts inviting others to participate in group buys or bulk purchases are not permitted.


Sorry folks.

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This windshield really interests me as I contemplate the cooler months ahead. Can someone tell me if the R1150RT model will bolt onto an 2000 R1100RT? Thanks in advance.

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I think real question is whether there is someone out there that can compare the V Stream to the CEE Bailey screen which seems to be the other screen of choice.



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