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Rear Brake Pad Change


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I just replaced my back brake pads on my R1100R with EBC 363HH brake pads (for cast wheel). Took me about 10 minutes, longest part was finding my torque wrench. I have some welding clamps that I used to back off the hydraulic pucks, I did not need to remove any fluid.


This is just another example of maintenence work I have done on my bike due to encouragement from this forum. I save money and I learn about the system. Thanks to all posters thumbsup.gif John S Boise

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Way to go John! I know exactly how you feel...I went from no maintenence in 2000 to replacing my clutch myself late last year. Doesn't it feel good knowing that you have done it yourself?! smile.gif

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John Dickens

Part of the 'feel good' factor is knowing that the work has been done by someone who cares about the bike and has the time to make sure it's done correctly.

Even the best dealerships and mechanics in the world are tied to time schedules.

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John D,


I totally agree with you.


Hopefully, my front pads will be at my house when I get home tonight so I can install them as well. After my last high speed twisty outing last week, I decided to replace the pads to be sure of adequate braking. Without good braking, I'll surely leave the road, and around here, that is fatal. John S Boise

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