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Camping with the Elephant seals


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We left home about 5:15am Saturday so we could get through LA traffic. Always enjoy the early morning ride especially when you're leaving LA behind. Cut over through Frazier Park. Stopped in Taft for gas and to try out the new cooling vest (with the tempature hitting 100F it worked great thank goodness). Turned left in McKittrick (awesome road)and onto Morro Bay and some cooler weather. We decided to stop at a little hotdog stand for a cheapo lunch before heading to the campground in San Simeon. Had never stayed there before and found it to be a nice little campground. It was pretty full but the campsites are mostly secluded from each other so you don't feel packed in on each other. What's great is being able to walk on the beach and not having to step over wall to wall people like down where we live.


Later we rode up to visit our friends the elephant seals. Were amazed at the amount of people that have discovered this place since we started visiting about 10 years ago but as usual the seals don't seem to notice.


After the visit with the seals we headed back to camp for a nice dinner,a bottle of wine and a quiet evening. DSC03327.0.jpg The next day we slept in -late for us. We were just savoring our first cup of coffee as the sun came peeking over the hill. Leisurely we packed up camp and headed home. The ride back was uneventful and we breezed through LA traffic and arrived home in the early afternoon. It's nice to scoot up the coast even if it's only for overnight. We forget how lucky we are. wink.gif

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That is really special ! The only seals we get to see here are the occasional stray one out into the sea...... Thanks for the ride report !

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