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Modulating brake light on with ABS/integrated brakes


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I want to put a blinking brake light on my r1150rt. I've heard there are problems as I have ABS and integrated brakes. Anyone have a suggestion as to models/problems/advice??

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I have been using the Kissan Tailblazer for over 3 years on my 2003 RT with no problems whatsoever.


I love it - whenever a vehicle starts following me too close for comfort, I gently apply the brake and they almost always back off. I also repeatedly apply and release the brake lever when I am stopped for a traffic signal and I observe a vehicle coming up behind me. It makes the bike and me more visible.


IMHO, with the weak output of the stock Rt taillight and brakelight, this is a must have accessory.

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Depends upon what you are thinking about doing. If you are just going to modulate the stock brake light, you need to use a modulator that will provide the correct load on the ABS unit so it doesn't think the brake light is out and set a fault. The Kisan brand is popular but there are others.


If on the other hand you are just going to add additional modulating brake lights, hyperlights, BackOFF! or similar, leaving the factory brake light as is, you don't have to do anything special at all. They will all work fine with the ABS brake light monitoring.

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If you are referring to the ultra-bright LED replacement packs (which I highly recommend as they are MUCH brighter than the standard incandescent light), then yes there are issues to be aware of. One of the many parameters monitored by the ABS control unit is tail/brake light current draw to determine if the light has burned out which would trigger an ABS fault. Most available LED units have built in resistors to compensate for the lower current draw of the LEDs to provide proper compatibility with the ABS system. However, a few don't, so be sure to verify this before purchasing.

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