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SOs first ride more seat questions


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again forgive me as i am new at posting here but have gained a lot of knowledge from reading here. Does anyone close to houston have an aftermarket saddle on an 1150 rt that they would let me sit on for a couple minutes. would like to get a more comfortable perch but at 6'6" dont have a lot of room to vary from the base geometry, and need to sit on something before i order. Thanks

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There are probably a dozen different aftermarket seats for these bikes. Everyone has an opinion on which is best.

Sargeant, Corbin, Wunderlich, Bill Maier, Russell.

don't buy the first one that you come across. Try out several. some make the ground harder to reach. some look better. some ar cheaper.

Want an opinion? I have had a corbin. It was OK, but not a real comfy seat for long distance. I have also had 2 Russell All Day Saddles. They are custom built for the rider and passenger. They make the ground harder to reach until you learn to slide forward when stopping. They cost more and take longer to get. The Russell is also the best seat that I have ever ridden on for long distance, bar none. after a 1000 mile day you won't mind getting back on and riding another 25 miles to dinner.

Again, my opinion. Your money. thumbsup.gif

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