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SO's first ride, aftermarket seat ?


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just back from first significant ride with my SO, she did great but was a little sore from the seat. Any suggestions on an aftermarket pillion to make her more comfortable?? i might need a better seat also but am extremely tall and worried about changing the geometry for for my legs. Ive been reading this site for months but just now am contributing so mi know the great advice that is on here and hope y'all can help me too

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Not knowing where you live,makes it difficult.You should see if one of the major seat guys lives anywhere nearby and then schedule a drive in appointment...Thats the best way to get what you want and what fits the best.


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My so found both the Corbin and Sargent seats on my RT's to be a vast improvement to the stock seat. Too bad you are far away, I often let riders near me try out one of my 4 different RT seats.

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thanks for the answer busted, I am neaar houston houston for other replyers, if i was closer i would definitely take you up on the test seat offer.

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I have a Sargeant on my RT. I love it. The missus likes it as well. I think it is much better than the Corbin on the old Triumph. The missus thinks it is about the same.


Yankee Dog

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Les is more

This is a list of links to seat manufacturer's most often mentioned here. Also, a search of this site will give you a lot to read. Here's how to use the search function.


I've included comments on the seats I have direct experience with.


Happy hunting!





Russell Almost universally liked - most prominent aftermarket seat among the long distance riding set - I did a 1000 mile day as a pillion with no complaints - I've had one on my own bike for 80,000 miles and still love it.


Bill Mayer






Rick Mayer


Cee Bailey


Kon Tour


Corbin Had one on my R1200C - they build a harder, flatter, heavier seat on their own pan - defintely increased my comfort on the bike - fit and finish not so great - customer service very hit and miss.

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