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Florida Ext. warranties


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Why dont florida dealers offer choice in ext. warranties? Or did I just ask the two that dont, lol.


Orlando offers Interstate, 7 years (5.5 years is what I would have left) for 1500, unlimited.


Ft Meyers offers Pinnacle, 3 years for 1205.


Neither place offers both, to let you choose.


And I cant find anyplace online that will sell in florida, even out of state BMW dealers cant sell to me as I understand it.


35,300 miles. I better decide soon, lol

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Paul Mihalka

I don't know of any dealer who offers more than one line of extended warranty. It is enough work to handle the paperwork of one smirk.gif

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Lol, I can imagine it is, for sure.


On the other hand selling only one model of motorcycle would be easier than the multiple styles they sell now too.

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The Tampa dealer offers the Pinnacle/3yr/$1200 plan.


I've got 10 months or 9k miles to decide. If I keep the bike , I'm gonna spring for the warranty

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The state of Florida is real screwy with vehicle warranties. I have no basis for the validity of it, but I wouldn't be surprised if FL dealers are restricted to selling one brand. For example, a buddy of mine bought an Arctic Cat ATV, and Arcitc Cat Inc. has something like a 2 or 3 year warranty, EXCEPT for, guess where else, Florida. Something to do with State Law. So, to get around that Arctic Cat would subsitute in a Extended Service Plan to help boost the 6 month vehicle warranty in FL. Screwed up, huh??


But, it also makes sense that dealers only sell one type. Pricing between companies isn't too far apart, and I'm sure the papertrail is tough enough.

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