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Issue with Starting an '04 GS ?


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OK, I looked in my GS manuals and couldn't find the answer to this question, so I'm calling upon the RT knowledge base. cool.gif


On my "new to me" '04 GS, the starter will only engage if the bike transmission is in neutral via the gear selector. (And the sidestand is up of course...) Unlike my previous K-bikes, the GS will NOT start if the bike is in neutral via the clutch being held in. Is this "normal" GS behavior or did the previous owner make some modification that can be corrected?

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There should be a clutch lever switch allowing starting the motor with clutch engaged (even though the gear is on). There are quite a few cases (i had one) where this clutch lever switch has failed. See if you see a wire coming from the clutc lever housing.

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As mentioned, the clutch lever switch is the most likely culprit. You can short it as a temporary check, but I would caution against leaving it that way to avoid lurching the bike onto its side some day.


BTW, this isn't just an RT board anymore. All non-model specific sinners are welcome!

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