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"Stick on" prescription lenses


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I have been looking for "stick on" lenses that I can attach to my sunglasses but unfortunately all I can find are reading glass prescrition made by Optx. Is anyone aware of "stick on" type lenses for distance prescritions? Thanks.



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Are you saying that you can't see distance well, and you're looking for stickon lenses that will let you see distance?


If so, I've not seen those. The only type I've seen are those that simulate reading glasses.

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I am not aware of stick on lenses for any condition other than presbyopia (far-sightedness). Probably you would want some kind of contact lenses.


Best price on the Optx 20-20 lenses I have found is SafetyGlasses.com for $9 pair.

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I've bought "Stick on" lenses at various dive shops, (as in Scuba diving). The type I've used are thin plastic optics that are made in various magnifications and stick to the dive mask or other surface after you wet them, believe it or not spit works great. As do the lenses themselves. As I recall the cost is fairly modest $10 - $15 range.


Hope this helps,


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