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First ride on CRF

Bob Palin

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Picked it up this afternoon in Richfield, the weather in the mountains this afternoon was dismal, huge thunderstorms with lots of lightning and rain. Around 6:30 it looked a bit lighter to the north so I headed up Sand Creek to the bluff overlooking Torrey.


The Henry Mountains were beautifully lit.





The thing is light! I've never been that good at standing on the KLR but it seems much more natural on this bike.






It's skinny too, unlike its owner.



From here I decided to head a little further into the hills on a "road" I hadn't been on before, take a good look at the left side of the bike, it's the last time you'll see it like that dopeslap.gif


I really don't know what happened, must have piled into a rock that threw me, there was a large one that looked fairly newly loosened in the middle of the track. Bent the bars a little bit but no real damage, oh well, that's what dirt bikes are for. A few years ago I took the knee pads out of the dirt pants, wish I hadn't! No real damage to me other than a few abrasions and bruises, wasn't going very fast at all. I'll be getting better gear for sure, I can feel what chest protectors are for. Rode in about 5 miles but it was getting nasty so retreated to the garage. I probably shouldn't have been on such a rocky trail for my first time off the pavement this year, guess Schofield Pass is definitely out!

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Forgot this one - thought it was very cute




Guess you don't need much of a filter for 3/4 of a quart.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

take a good look at the left side of the bike, it's the last time you'll see it like that


And so it begins... grin.gif

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Easy big guy......Don't destroy it until I get there.........grin.gif


It looks right at home in Torrey...I think it was made for ya....



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Dennis Andress

Uh Bob, Your a handy guy, please keep it together in case I need your help again.









P.S. Maybe I should start sending you job listings so you can ease into this responsibility thing.

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guess Schofield Pass is definitely out!



I really like the shot of the mountains from under the bike...I hope you weren't laying there except to take the picture! eek.gif

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Shawnee Bill

Is that the Baja tank? Looks like a standard MX tank still.


Schofield Pass? Never done that but I've seen pictures, read about it, spend several nights in Holiday Inn Express, and that bike looks amazingly like my sons CR250 which I have a few hours on single track tails and MX tracks, not a problem for that bike.


Schofield Pass is high on my list of places to take my KLR.

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Is that the Baja tank? Looks like a standard MX tank still.
It's the standard tank, I've ordered a 4 gallon IMS tank, should have it next week. I'm sure the bike can handle Schofield easily, it's me that can't - next year...
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Leave the garage unlocked. clap.gif
Yeah right, you want to ride my KLR? You'll have to fix it first. The CRF will be with me...
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It's so adorable! I'll bet it makes the cutest little gurgling sounds.


Enjoy the new ride. Keep the pictures coming.

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CRF. Stands for "Cash Redemption Fee"? At the the rate you're going, it may end up being the Bic Disposal Bike! Take it easy there, Killer!

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Seems to me Killer does a lot more "bouncing" than Mr. Bynum does.

Glad to see you're "enjoying" the new ride! thumbsup.gif

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Setting the suspension is critical on a bike like that. It will take a while for the suspension to break in before you set the sag. Static sag and race sag is critical. How much do you weigh? It's very likely if you can't get both sags set right after break-in you will need a different rate spring. After all that ,if you don't know about playing with the clickers for compression and rebound ,you need to learn. There have been many articles in dirt bike magazines which explain step by step how to do it.A proper set up suspension will save you from crashing in some cases.Answer and Renthal make bars you won't be able to bend.Bark busters are a must and Fastway make a mounting system where they wont spin on the bars when you crash. Also I wouldn't ride a dirt bike without a Scotts steering dampener. It will keep the bars from getting jerked out of your hands when hitting trees or rocks. Thats a great bike and deserves alot of respect. It will do any thing you want but might take a while to get used to.I love dirt bike riding too!!! thumbsup.gif

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I'm shocked that you would unleash that titanium/aluminum, rock-spewing, trench-digging eco-scourge on the genteel lands surrounding Torrey.



WAY TO GO! thumbsup.gif

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