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anyone use ezy-mount for PIAA ligts on an R1200RT


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I saw this mount on the cyclegadgets website - is it realy only attached to the bike at one spot?




I have a set of PIAA 1200's I want to mount (about the same size as the 1100X shown in the picture) but using one mounting point doesn't seem like a good idea to me.


Would appreciate any comments about this mounting system (or others that you've tried).




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I just installed this set up and it is good. There is a lower screw not visable in the picture that is held by a rubber gromet and nut. Just adjust the front of the bracket either full up or down, then adjust the lights. Then whenever you remove the side cover and replace you set bracket to that predetermained position.

Unfortunately my 1100's came with a 10mm screw hole in the light bracket so I had to modify the ezy mount bracket to make this all work.

I do like the PIAA lights. Now all I need is better low beams.

Good luck!

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I just read this thread and have some advise.. The Powersports lights have a diff foot than the automotive versions that we offer from our website. Some dealers are still trying to mix the PowerSports lights with the automotive brackets and/or Automotive lights with the PowerSports brackets. Our Ezy-Mount kits come with all required h/w to mount either the PowerSports or the automotive versions of the PIAA 1100X lights. To mount the PowerSports version, you use the black shoulder washer with the 10/32 screw. Modification of the bracket is not required. The hardware bag you received with your bracket kit should have contained two black shoulder washers, and the instructions provide details about their use. Do we still read instructions ? ooo.gif


The rubber grommet referred to in the previous post is actually a 'well-nut', with brass threaded insert.

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thanks everyone for the replies - my dealer had these in stock and I bought a set. I'll probably have them installed when the bike's in for service next week - the last time I drilled holes for the bike I almost screwed it up beyond repair. I figure I'll let the "experts" at the dealer install the brackets and run the wires for the lights since they'll have everything apart anyhow.

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