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Seats and Pegs


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Hi All ! I could use your collective wisdom smile.gif


I've put about 7000 kms on the bike now, and I've noticed that things are getting a bit painful. At about 3 hours into a ride, my legs are starting to hurt, on the inside thigh, specifically. More on the left than the right. I'm 5'10" and about 195 lbs.


I've noticed a line forming in the padding of the seat ( heated ), and when i press into it, i'm noticing it feels like a seam in the padding or perhaps a wire under there. It runs from the front to the back, right along the 'break-line' that seperates the 'side' of the seat, from the 'flat' top. Anyone else have the same thing? Would you think this worthy of a call to the dealer?


Also, second issue. I have plantar faciitis with my feet. I tend to ride with the balls of my feet on the pegs, but again after extended riding ( say a day trip ), my feet are really painful, almost like i've bruised the bones, under the balls of my feet. Anyone have larger, or flatter front pegs, or better rubber pads? Any recommendations on alternatives?


Thanks all! sb R12RT

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I'm getting a slight crinkle in the side of my seat, but I figured it's just due to my largeness (220lb) mashing down the seat for the past 3900 miles. I'll have to check closer. As for footpegs, maybe you should look into running boards. I've seen them on various websites and they fit right where your current pegs are. Or maybe you should try adjusting your riding position so you don't put so much pressure on your feet.

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Thanks Chris. I do try to change the way i rest my feet over the course of the ride, but unfortunately the PF tends to make me stay away from the arch of my feet to some extent. I find I do sometimes curl my toes around the pegs, makes me feel more secure in the twisties..


I stand on the pegs when I get a chance sometimes to just change things around and get the blood flowing again in my butt smile.gif


I'll have a look at floorboards if I can find a site. Might be a solution smile.gif Thanks eh. Keep the suggestions coming smile.gif

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Hi All ! I could use your collective wisdom smile.gif


I've put about 7000 kms on the bike now, and I've noticed that things are getting a bit painful. At about 3 hours into a ride, my legs are starting to hurt, on the inside thigh, specifically.

Do you ride with Aerobic shorts (N!ke is a good brand) or tighty white Stanf!elds?. Perhaps the seam you are feeling is not the seat. Seriously, lycra workout shorts with flat seams beat all else for wearing on long rides under leathers or textile riding pants.

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My seat is also getting uncomfortable, it is over 12000 miles, I think I have worn the foam out blush.gif I am also 200lbs.

Ordered a Touratech seat, will let you know the outcome

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I have to admit I too get a bit cramped on my 05 RT after a few hundred miles. My knees hurt to where I have to stop. I'm 6'1" and 210 ponds. If I stand on the pegs for a while it seems to help but I think I might have to track down the peg lowering kit I have seen somewhere. I do have a decent pair of orthodics that help my feet. As for the seat I opted for a custom seat from Rich's Custom Seats in Seattle, WA. My 11,000 mile trip was better because of the seat but I have to tell you that the right underwear is the BIGGEST improvment you can make. I am biased to a particular brand but you have to do something besides the old "tighty whities." In less than four months I put 14 thousand miles on my bike and I am still finding ways to get comfortable.

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Hi George


Did they say how long it will take for the Touratech seat to come through. I am 6'1 and 16 stone (sounds even worse in pounds...224!!!) and am really interested to know what you think of it when it arrives.

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Just turned 15K on the R12RT this morning on the way to work.

I ride 300+ miles on Monday morning, Siberia, IN to Knoxvolle, TN. Nice ride this morning.

8:05 AM and I already have over 300 miles of riding in today.


I have a Russel Day long seat, 12K+ Feels great for 300 miles nonstop Starting at 3:30 AM, Illium Foot boards and barbacks.

I will have to make a trip to North Michigan Street in Chicago, IL and back this week, on the R12RT, then head back to IN on Friday, will be taking the scenic route through Nashville with a two hour meeting Friday evening in Bowling Green KY.


Get to work every Monday Morning rain or shine no soreness only the riding boots give it away.

I work in an Engineering office and the dress code applies.

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I agree with the undies comment. I wear bike short liners under my riding pants. They're thinner than bike shorts, but still have a bit of padding in the crotch and no seams to bug you, plus synthetic is much better than anything cotton. Since you live in Ontario, you can get them at Mountain Equipment Coop.

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Thanks ALL! I do wear whitties, so i'm off to find some bike shorts smile.gif Just wished I looked more like Lance Armstrong !!

I'll let you know how it works out.. good trial will be the ride out to Vermont.


See you there? sb

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Couple of points.


First off, do get rid of the briefs. I use either Ex-Officio boxers or Under Armour shorts with the nod for comfort going to the Ex-Officio's because of the way the seat is constructed. Look at horse riding pants and you'll get the idea.


Second, you seat is not your friend. It is too wide in the upper thigh area. At first, it feels great cause of the extra support but, over time, your sit bones pound down the center foam and leave the edge of the seat with increased pressure on the backs of your thighs. It is a farily simple matter to remove the staples holding the cover on, trim the foam in the thigh area with an electric knife and then restaple (industrial grade staple gun needed here).


I can offer no further help on the foot thing other than good socks help a bunch. K-mart sells packages of diabetic socks that are a good deal more cushy than regular old sweats. I use them all the time under my boots. Speaking of which, boots can make all the difference here as well. Next time you buy a pair, pay more attention to how they distribute the pressure of your feet on the pegs. I have found both the Oxtar Matrix and the BMW Touring boots to be quite good at this very thing. The pegs on my Blackbird (custom rearsets) are nothing more than knurled 1" diameter round stock and are rigidly mounted and I have no troubles on long rides.

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Another thread about uncomfortable seats. Perhaps someone should put all of this in a file and send it to BMW. They might do something about it.


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Good ideas all. I must second the boot thing. I too have bad feet and nerve problems.

Try the peg lowering kits and a proper seat. This worked for me on several 500 mile days. Bill Mayer did my seamless seat and I never looked back.

Try Pivot-Pegs too. They are wider and have a little rotation to adjust with your foot movement as you shift and brake.

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Of course... silly me, what was I thinking !?


Waiter.. more bratwurst and pilsner pleeeeze. smile.gif

What, no jokes about how the seat fits wonderfully if you're wearing lederhosen? tongue.gif
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All, just wanted to provide an update on my seat experiences smile.gif


I tried bicycle shorts, this made things better but not perfect, basically added about an hour to my ride before pain.


I purchased an Alaska Leather sheepskin pad at Vermont, and this again seemed to make things better for about an hour. It seems it cools things down a bit back there, and makes it easier to move around and get a new position.. so a good purchase in my books. (of course i had hesitations putting sheepskin on my saddle, being a Scots )


I took the bike in and talked to my dealer (Open Road, Newmarket), and they feel the seat has degraded. They've put an order in to replace the seat ( woohoo!). It definitely has this seam/seperation running under the vinyl, which you can feel, running along the cutline between flat and side on the left. perhaps there was a factory foam join there or something thats pulled apart..


Anyhow, to those with ongoing seat complaints, perhaps this info is useful.


Of course I've put a new seat on my Christmas list.. doubt Santa will oblige though.. usually socks and a sweater..dho! eek.gif

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