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1977 Husqvarna wr 360


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I have an 1977 Husqvarna wr 360 that I am looking at. It is a one owner bike that looks to be in good condition other than the fork seals. Does anyone have any idea what it is worth? The owner is asking $1000 for it.

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Shawnee Bill

Nice bike but I think it should be less.

I paid I think $1150 for a brand new 1978 250 Husky MX.


Of course that was in 1978 grin.gif

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If it looks good and runs good, you could take it to Mid-Ohio Vintage Days at the end of this month and probably get twice that for it. There's a pretty serious following of collectors for old Huskeys and there's always some at Mid-Ohio. They'll be asking 3 or 4 times that for restored ones, IMHO. I had a 250 in the 70's, great bike but really hard to start after being submerged grin.gif, wish I hadn't sold it.

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