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Noise Filters for Quest

Mike H

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Okay, I bought the powered Quest GPS holder for the RT. I am now getting engine noise coming through the autocom headset with it plugged in. Guess the antenia is picking up the noise. Anyone else having a similar problem? Looking at getting a noise filter to go onto the 3.5 mm leads confused.gif

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I'm not sure about the Quest but many Garmin models have a balanced audio output that are not at a common ground and thus require an isolation cable to work properly with most intercoms. Autocom makes a cable for this purpose, or you should be able to just put a .1 uf (or thereabouts, value not critical) capacitor in line with each lead from the GPS which will DC isolate the GPS audio amp from the intercom.


Perhaps someone can comment on whether the Quest has this issue... I know the Garmin 2610 and several other units do.

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What Seth said.


I had the exact same issue until I went to the Autocom isolation cable between the GARMIN and the Autocom intercom.

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I saw where Autocom has an isolation cable but before I bought it or went to Radion Shack to get an inline I wanted to hear from the group on problems that you were having and what corrected it..Thanks clap.gif

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