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So I went on vacation and...


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It wasn't nearly long enough!! 8 days total, and I came back today to have tomorrow to myself. And I'm glad I did cuz I wouldn't even wanna think about working tomorrow! I'm not even tired, I can't sleep! So anyway...


The trip home was good, I averaged 80MPH or something on the way home, and got 53.9MPG and filled up at 226miles on the trip in Madina Ohio, and got lunch. Bad move on lunch, I ate too much and it processed quickly and made me tired, learned my lesson there. Needless to say I packed lite for the way home. smile.gif


I spent the week with friends and family (doh!) and my bestest friend from my childhood stayed another week just for me! He was supose to go to NYC but decided not too. That was great. Crazy how things change yet often stay the same over 20 years.


Also got to visit my lil nephew TJ. Damn is this kid cute! He just loves me, and I just love him too. He see's me and goes "bike! bike!" he wanted to sit on my bike. So I put him up on the tank, and he points for me to sit on the sit. So i do. smile.gif and he plays with the keys and bottons, and makes motor noises. Adorable he is! He's gonna be 3 in just a few months.


And this guy here my Dad:





As well as my Mom, finally got to see my bike in Person. As well as everyone else in the neighborhood, and friends around town. grin.gif Everyone was just dumbfounded, and they all loved the bike. thumbsup.gif


So here's my Dad again, after he RODE the sleeping beauty.





Yeap, He's thrilled thumbsup.gif


We did alot of runnin around visiting people, and riding, and dining and such, with the folks, we all had a good time. I didn't get many pics, normally I would, but here's one of Lake Erie, It was better in person. smile.gif





The trip home was great, normally I'd be like 'aww man I don't wanna drive back!' but this time it was like 'YES!!! I get to ride for 5 hours!!!' And I'm still ready to go for more. I ended up with just a few points over 50MPG on the way back which was against the wind. Traffic was lite, and I only had one snag in Columbus and that was a Interstate exit closed so I had to make a 20mile detour, no biggie.


What was cool though was another guy on a beamer (R1150R) was following me, then I was followin him, and so forth, I wonder who it was... Are you reading this? wink.gif


I made (basically) one stop in Lexington OH, for nature and gas. Didn't even take the helmet off. So I rode 2 1/2 hours, break, then another 2 1/2 hours. Did really good with that. and made it home safely. thumbsup.gif


Before I left Erie PA, I took a pic of the bike with the laptop and backpack on it and such.





Pretty cool thumbsup.gif

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Excellent enthusiastic report Shawn..... good to read you had such a good time with your folks !!! Good pic of your dad too thumbsup.gifsmile.gif



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Shawnee Bill

Glad you had such a good time, but then as I read your posts I think you always have a good time.


Wish my son would bring something like that over and let me ride it tongue.gif

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